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Xbox 360 Gold Membership Code Generator

xbox 360 gold membership code generator

    code generator
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Time Code Generator

Time Code Generator

Here is the front view of a time code generator I picked up at the electronics flea market.

The manufacturer is unknown, and the PC board is not marked with any manufacturer logo or information. Anyone recognize this?

The device was DOA when I first got it, and the culprit was a leaky film cap in part of the synchronizing oscillator circuit. This thing is quite complicated inside, and it uses a combination of TTL and DTL ICs, along with LM301 op amps, discrete transistors, and a few JFETs.

Time Code Generator - Output

Time Code Generator - Output

This is the output of the time code generator. I am guessing it's a form of IRIG, but the frequency appears to be wrong. It could be that I tuned the oscillator incorrectly. It keeps very bad time right now.

xbox 360 gold membership code generator

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